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What Does an Event Planner Really Do?

What Does an Event Planner Really Do?

People plan events for all sorts of reasons. From marriages to birthdays and retirement parties, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Rather than partying and having fun, however, most people end up stressed out and will spend more time worrying about the event than actually enjoying it. Combining the hassle of planning an event with a busy schedule full of work and family can easily leave you worn out and ready to give up.

The challenges only get bigger when it comes to corporate events. If you’ve ever been placed in charge of planning a corporate event then you know how important they can be. Product launches can make or break a company while employee appreciation events can help keep morale high. On top of all the regular stress associated with planning an event, your job is on the line. You need to be sure the event is a grand success.

Enter the Event Planner

Anyone who has ever tried to plan a big event on their own can tell you it’s a full time job. Some events, such as weddings, can easily be the most important day of your life. Due to all of the details, time, and money associated with planning an event like this, many people have turned to a professional event planner. Event planners can make the process easier, cheaper, and immensely more enjoyable.

The problem most people have is they simply don’t know what an event planner does. Or they think event planners cost too much. The truth is that event planners do a lot more than you think, and they typically have service packages to meet most budgets.

Well qualified event planners have extensive education and experience in turning the idea for an event into a memorable reality. Far more than just setting up a party, a professional event planner will handle everything from budgeting, booking a venue, coordinating vendors, inviting the guests, and much, much more. They’ve handled both personal and corporate events of all sizes and hiring them is the absolute best way to make sure your event is one to remember.

What Do Event Planners Do?

1. Ask Questions

An event planner’s job starts by sitting down with you and figuring out exactly what you need. They will ask questions about the purpose of the event, the number of guests, and the general theme of the party. It is important to be very honest with your event planner. These details are crucial to creating an event that you will remember joyfully for the rest of your life.

2. Manage the Money

One of the most important things they do is determine the budget. Event planners are used to working within proscribed budgets and can make sure you don’t go broke. The hardest part about the earliest stages of planning an event is calculating how much you’ll need to spend. There are so many unexpected costs that this step alone will make hiring an event planner a smart investment.

In some cases, your event planner will also handle payment to vendors. When you consider the wait staff, caterers, entertainers, and even the coat check, there are a lot people who are expecting to get paid. An event planner will handle this quickly and effortlessly while avoiding any surprising and unexpected fees.

The next step is to come up with a battle plan. Professional event planners have handled a variety of different events and each one has been important for one reason or another. They understand what needs to be done before the day of the event and know how to go about it in the best way.

3. Venues and Vendors

A qualified event planner has a solid history of experience in your local area. This means that they’ve built up a long list of professional contacts. If you were handling everything on your own, you would have to visit venue after venue trying to find one that fits. Your event planner, on the other hand, has already worked with a variety of different event locations and can quickly suggest the best options to fit your event needs.

In addition to that, your event planner has experience working with a great variety of different vendors. These could be caterers, entertainers, and even technical people who run the audio and lighting system. Not only can an event planner recommend the best choices, but they will be able to get the best prices from these vendors. When you hire an event planner you’re gaining the ability to deal with vendors and venues on a professional level.

4. Event Design and Set-Up

Once you’ve chosen the perfect venue and the best vendors, your event planner can even decorate and stage the venue. Every event needs to be dressed properly and this can be a job in itself. Event planners will handle everything from making sure you have the perfect style of chairs and tables to ensuring that every place setting at every table is absolutely perfect. From curtains to napkins, they’ve got it covered.

5. Peace of Mind

Let’s face it; there are an infinite number of things which can go wrong during an event. Mistakes are made, accidents happen, and things get forgotten. An event planner will be able to quickly solve any of these problems because of their expertise and experience working with vendors and venues. Your event planner will have all of the tools and contacts needed to keep a small mistake from turning into a huge catastrophe.

Even if there are no problems, someone needs to quarterback the event. Caterers need to be shown to the kitchen, the DJ needs to know where to access electrical service, the valet people want to know if they can park on the grass, and it goes on and on. Most people who plan their event on their own spend the entire event answering question after question. An event planner will take care of everything like a conductor leading an orchestra. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the party of the year, possibly the best party of your life!

Always Hire the Best

There are a lot of event planners out there. Many are good, some are awful, and some a really great. Your event is important, so you need to be sure you’re hiring an experienced professional. Before you consider hiring someone, always check to make sure they have a history of successfully handling events like yours.

Ask for a list of recent events and testimonials. You need someone who is serious and dedicated to helping you create a memorable experience. Read online reviews and contact past clients to get an unbiased assessment of the event planners level of experience, their success in customer satisfaction, and whether or not they were worth the cost of their services.

Most importantly, hire someone competent that feels comfortable and trustworthy. You need to share your most personal visions for your event with this person. You will need to spend time with them and you need to trust them with your family, friends, customers, co-workers, even your boss! Hiring someone you can’t stand just because they have a great reputation is a recipe for disaster. Finding the perfect harmony between skill and personal fit can make the difference between an ok event and a grand event!

Grand Events of Florida in the Tampa Bay area has handled personal and corporate events of all sizes. We’ve worked with some very recognizable names and have always left our clients thrilled by how easy and affordable it was to host the perfect event. No matter your needs or budget, we can help you plan the Grand Event of your life.

Contact us today and discover why Grand Events of Florida is the secret to a worry-free, memorable event.


  1. My son is going to be getting married, and we’re trying to figure out plans for his wedding. I had no idea just how difficult it could be to get all of the plans together on our own! Maybe it would be a good idea to get a planner to make this easier for us.

  2. I had no idea that an event planner will actually take care of getting the venue too. I knew they did everything else but I thought the hosts were the ones who got the venue. I can never find nice enough venues so I’d rather a professional do it for me.

  3. I like your idea to make sure the event manager we choose has successfully handled similar things in the past. My brother wants to find an event planner to help with the large, virtual corporate meetings he needs to plan for this summer. I’ll share this info so he knows what questions to ask when evaluating potential event management services soon.

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