So much has changed with weddings over the years. 50 years ago things were so much simpler it seems. Maybe it’s because there weren’t as many options as there are today. The planning of the wedding was usually left to the mother of the bride. The father of the bride could afford to foot the wedding bill in the past because it was not as lavish of an event as they are now. Themes and the overwhelming options of color didn’t present a problem back then as a majority of weddings used white as the color. A white or off-white dress has always been the popular choice and will probably remain a classic for quite some time. There are options for the bolder type brides but the traditional, classic white dress is shall we say, timeless.

Even some wedding traditions from the past are falling to the way side such as asking for the father of the bride’s permission to ask for the bride’s hand, attaching cans to the back of the car, and the groom carrying the bride over the threshold. A few things have remained the same though such as the blushing bride, the tux wearing groom and of course, the cake. Once upon a time, instead of eating the cake they would actually throw it at the bride to ensure fertility. In those times, it wasn’t the beautiful, tiered, iced cake were used to seeing though. Wheat, the main ingredient was a symbol of not only fertility but prosperity. This tradition evolved in baking the small wheat cakes that were meant to be eaten and not thrown. Later on down the road someone decided to turn it into the beautiful creation we are used to seeing today. Also most couples are no longer opting to save the top tier of the cake and freezing for an entire year for their one year anniversary. Instead they have a baker recreate the top of the cake.

A tradition that is still going strong is the throwing of the bouquet although the reason for doing it has changed drastically. During the medieval times, it was considered good luck to have a piece of the brides garment so the guests would literally rip the dress from her body as the newlyweds were leaving the ceremony. The bouquet was thrown as a distraction in order for the bride to make her getaway in order to preserve her garment and undoubtedly, her modesty.

Themed weddings are a modern tradition and ironically, sometimes mimic the past such as couples that choose to have a Hollywood glamour or vintage type wedding. Themed weddings are used to personalize the wedding and usually provide an opportunity to use those Pinterest wedding add-on ideas to add an element of fun. The usual add-ons we see are photo booths, candy or seasonal type bars, games, etc. Weddings have grown to become a very colorful, expensive, and time consuming event to plan yet seems to be an ever-evolving entity. Even though there is a lot involved in planning a wedding, cementing that milestone with beautiful and everlasting memories is well worth it!

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