Project Description

King Taggart’s Ball

On Saturday night, October 4th, 2014, Jeannette Nunez of Grand Events designed & produced the YMKG King’s Dinner at Tampa Yacht & Country Club. Our design team met with Suzanne & Joe Taggart to develop a Mid-Century Hotel theme to recognize the Tampa native, King Joseph W. Taggart CI, for his many years in development throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Grand Event’s team included; Danielle Seaberg design, Marla Thomas assistant, Andrea Layne Floral Design, Stacey Crum with Connie Duglin Linen, Liz Kirtley with A Chair Affair, Lisa Altman with D. Bailey Management, RJ Vida with The Production Crew, Ryan Brown with Plant Directions, Eliot, Tim, Jenks with Tampa Tent.

We also want to thank Scott Fairbairn, Christi Lyn, Shelagh Gombarcik and their tireless staff at TY&CC.

King Taggart Ball (24)
King Taggart Ball (1)
“King’s Ball design turned out so stunning!!! Thank you for including me again this year. I really loved our collaboration.”