The season for corporate events and Holiday parties is just around the corner. Usually when you say the words “corporate event” most people tune out because these two little words conjure up stiff images of stuffy rooms and long winded speeches from a sometimes less than inspirational speaker. That’s enough to make you want to hit the snooze button on that event, but not all corporate events have to be that way. Corporate events can be exciting for everyone involved if the right amount of planning goes into it. Your main focus should be why you want to host a corporate event and what it does for your employees? A corporate event should be to increase employee morale, loyalty, and engagement. If your employees are engaged and excited to be coming, it’s a safe bet to assume that your employees +1 will be as well.

If you want people to be excited about your event than do something that’s worth being excited about.

Hosting a fun event at an exciting venue will help with team cohesion. It’s important to consider the demographic of your employee pool when picking the type of venue. Some daytime events that will let them break free of their tedious day to day activities would be a picnic, kart racing, bowling, paintball and even a cruise. These venues are simple enough to put together and provide excitement and fun for everyone.

Sometimes companies decide to mix it up a little and change their same old routine. Instead of having the annual Christmas party as usual, one company decided to provide their employees and their +1 a four day cruise that the whole office took together. Surprisingly many of the employees bonded over this time and majority are still with the company today. This is one example that proves that corporate events increase morale, loyalty, and engagement.

Even if you want to stick with the traditional holiday party, it can still be exciting for everyone. Not every corporate holiday event/party has to be a bore. First and foremost, try not to make coming to your event an obligation. Let’s face it, most of us have too many of those already. Secondly, have some kind of incentive to make people want to come like door prizes, bonuses, and/or an open bar. If you’re on the fence about having alcohol thrown into the professional mix, limit the amount of drinks the attendees are allowed to have. You want people to relax, open up, and mingle with one another at an event like this. Thirdly, remember this event is about letting your employees have fun, so leave the discussions about work at work. After all, it’s called a party for a reason!

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