Ahhh, Football season is here.

Whether you watch the games at home or support your favorite team by watching from the stands there always seems to be time for a party. Some plan an at home get together with their friends and family, while others continue the tailgate tradition. Whichever your preference, the chances are that yummy food and drink ideas are needed to satisfy your guests, or keep them cooled off in the parking lot.

What is an all-time favorite? Duh, beer! Now, not everyone enjoys beer, but let’s be real here, if you like football, and are hosting a party, it is pretty much a general rule that beer be one of the beverages available. So why not make it fun… and spicy!? Check out this recipe for Micheladas!

Alternatively, if you are tailgating you may want to think about mixing up a pitcher or two of your favorite drink(s). Some of the folks over at Liquor.com wrote about making pitchers of margaritas, or a punch that you can just pour, rather than making individual drinks for all of those in attendance and we loved the idea. So this year when you are tailgating, think of ways, just like this, to save you time for enjoying your outing.

As for food, a widely used and very popular idea is cooking with spirits; wine, beer etc.. Meats and sauces pair nicely when cooked with spirits and gives the food its own kick. But if you aren’t able to bring a BBQ with you, what can you bring that is easy to prepare and take to-go? We found some great ideas from Southern Living that show a few tasty to-go options for a tailgate party.

There are so many ways to take your parties from mediocre to grand, just do a little research online and you are guaranteed to find some great new recipes to wow your guests. Also, feel free to check out our Facebook and Pinterest page for decoration ideas!



Please remember, if you do decide to prepare alcoholic beverages, that you do your part by making sure you and your guests drink responsibly.

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